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Bob Miller

Bob Miller, Memory Trainer

Bob Miller has decades of experience as a memory performer and teacher. He has taught elementary school students with his "EleMemory Show." 
For adults he offers his Remember The Room workshop.

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Currently, the only workshop offered is Remember The Room.
The next workshop is
• Monday, May 13th 6:00 - 8:00 pm
at Advent Lutheran Church, 3000 Hamline Ave N, Roseville, MN
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Workshop Goals

Workshop Topics

• Overcoming self-imposed mental limitations
• Your Why
• Features to Focus on
• Converting Names into memorable images
• Using your imagination to create strong mental links
• A test of 20 Names & Faces
• Converting Short-term memory to Long-term

The Full Memory Magic Workshop isn't being offered right now.
But watch the magic trick video to learn what it's about.

  • Pre-test to check current memory skills

  • Memory demos: recalling names of everyone in workshop, reciting Pi to 400 places, recalling the order of a shuffled deck of cards

  • Look, Listen, and Link Method for Name Recall

  • Simple Linking Techniques

  • Taking a Memory Journey

  • Intro to Advanced Memory Skills