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How I got into the memory training business:

I was performing a magic show for a small organization in southern Minnesota. Since there were only about 25 people in the audience, I decided it would be appropriate for me to do something that I'd never done before. As I strolled around doing sleight of hand tricks during the pre-show reception, I asked each person their name, just to be friendly. I wasn't trying to remember everyone, just to be more informal...

I realized that I had learned the names of everyone in the group. So, when my stand-up show started after dinner, about an hour later, I greeted each person by name.

The reaction I got was amazing! The audience was shocked like I'd just performed an unbelievable illusion.

As a performer, I'm always looking for strong audience reaction. So I decided to try this stunt / demo on my next show and received an equally strong reaction.

And that was the beginning of memory demonstrations for me.

Bob Miller Presentation pose