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Memory Magic Course Week 9 -  Name Recognition - The 3-Step Process

In the previous issue, I said you must use someone's name immediately and, if you didn't completely hear their name, to ask for it to be repeated and even spelled, if necessary, because you can't memorize what you haven't accurately heard.


In my Memory Magic Workshop, I teach how to remember names. It's probably the most important part of the workshop because Name Recall is what can help you to make a connection to a customer or prospect which could result in a lifetime of business for you.

So, you are now about to learn, for free, what others have paid hundreds of dollars to learn. Of course, the workshop goes more in depth with videos, pictures, and live practice. But the lesson here is basically the same.

These three steps will sound too simple. Too easy. Basic.

The steps are simple to recall, but they encompass a lot of deep concepts that should be experienced to really understand them totally.

These steps must be experienced and lived-out to make a difference in your life, and to transform all your first-impression business contacts into Strong-Impression Business Connections.

The goal isn't just for you to remember people. It is for them to remember you. If you make a strong impression on recalling their name, details, and interests, then they will be more inclined to connect and work with you because people like to work with others they trust and admire.

The three steps are Look! Listen! Link!

It sounds simple, but let me expound briefly on these steps:

1. Look:

You may not really look and study the face of the person you're meeting for the first time. This course will teach you how to mentally find a characteristic of the person that will serve as a clue, a first impression, that you'll use to link their name.

2. Listen:

We don't listen when someone tells us their name. This is true for most people. Have you ever forgotten someone's name within a minute of hearing it? Of course. We all have. This is proof that we don't really listen.

This course will teach you to listen and think about the name of someone you just met.

Then you'll learn how to convert their name into an image. With practice this will become an instant reflex.

3. Link:

Only after you've really looked at a person and really listened to their name can you link the two together.

This course will teach you how to do it. And, if you've read through the previous emails, you may already have an idea of how it's done.

If you haven't read through the previous 8 emails, you should review them to understand the concept and power of mental linking.

Next week: The MAIN Method - Step 1: Look!

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