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Memory Magic Course Week 7 -  Test Your Memory - Basic Tests


You've been receiving these newsletters for more than a month. Have you been practicing?

The only way to improve your memory is to learn the skills and apply them. Like learning to play the piano, you need to practice how to memorize.

So, here's an opportunity to test your memory.

Line up ten objects on the table as you try to create a mental story to link them together. This is a basic test because there are only 10 items. Also, they are OBJECTS. They are things that you can see, touch, and easily picture.

Don't worry if it is hard for you to create a mental link or story between the items. It will become easier with practice.

BTW, the video course which is part of my Memory Magic Membership teaches how to remember the numerical location of items. This can be very useful in many ways. But being able to remember a linked list of 10 items is a very useful skill.

Use it to remember:

- a shopping list

- errands to do

- lunch orders for the staff

- a meeting agenda

- a speech

- lines in a play

USE THE TESTS: Seriously try to take a test like this. If it's too hard for you, then review the past Memory Magic eNewsletters that you've received. Then try again with another test. 


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Next week: Name Recognition - Part 1

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