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Memory Magic Course Week 5 - Memory Associations - Part 3: The Journey Lists

Did you know you can remember the extra-ordinary much easier than the mundane and ordinary?

For example, normally it would be rather difficult to recall what color shirt one of your co-workers was wearing last Tuesday. But, what if she was wearing a clown suit and she had a big red nose?

Do you think that you'd remember THAT?

You know you would!

When you want to remember something, make it extra-ordinary.

If you are trying to remember to buy a loaf of bread and some tea, imagine you picking up a GIANT loaf of bread. The bread is so big it fills an entire shopping cart. You can't lift it. If you imagine this image with as many details as possible, it will become unforgettable.

Now, do the same thing with the tea: imagine yourself trying to hold 1000 tea bags. You're balancing them like a juggler in a circus act. They're falling everywhere.

See it and you won't forget it.

Here are some ways to make your mental images crazy.

• BIGGER or SMALLER than usual.

• MANY objects or items.

• REPLACE one object for another.

• EMOTION: anger, humor, violence.


Next week: The Power of Visualization

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