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Memory Magic Course Week 2 - Memory Associations Part 1

'You can remember anything as long as you associate it to something that you already know.'

This means you link something NEW which you want to remember to something OLD which you already know.

Here are the three ways to memorize information lists that were taught in Part 1 of the Memory Magic: Super-Memory Power workshop.
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THE FIRST METHOD: Paired Associates:

Usually this is done with paired associates linking. For example, learning state capitols is a paired-associates task because you're pairing a state with it's capitol city. You know the name of the state and you want to link it to something that you don't know: the capitol.

Teacher: 'What's the capitol of Minnesota?'
Dumb Student: 'Uh... M?'

Other examples of paired associates are:

• Products and Prices;

• Faces and Names;

• Presidents and their number;
• Names and Phone numbers.

It's a very common need to remember one thing which is related to something else.
So, Mnemonics is the process of creating strong associations between two thoughts. In fact, even if you're learning a list of 100 items, each item is still recalled by one thought; a paired associate.

More instruction is forthcoming in later issues of this course.
But the important point to learn is that memory is just linking two thoughts. That's all. Just two.

Next week: Method 2 for remembering lists of information: Linked Lists.

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