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Memory Magic Course Week 18 - How NOT to Memorize

Here are some WRONG WAYS to memorize:

"Just imagine the person's name tattooed on their forehead."

I've heard that people are actually taught this at a popular business networking group. I strongly disagree with this advice.

The only thing this will do is to help you to focus on someone's name. But, when you need to remember the names of 50 people in one night, this method will not help you. All you'll remember is that you imagined "a name" on their forehead. But after meeting several people, you won't be able to distinguish the images from each other, because a name isn't an image.

"Think of someone you know with the same name."

Also, don't make the common mistake of just trying to imagine someone you know of who has the same name. It's a mistake because you'd still have to select a facial feature of the person you just met, and then try to link that facial feature to someone else's image? Too convoluted! Think of an object!

"Don't review. It's not needed with these techniques"

WRONG! Review is always needed, no matter what or how you're learning. In fact, if you're not reviewing, you're not learning. Review is what moves a thought from short-term to long-term memory.

"Just say it over and over and over..."

This is nothing more than ROTE memorizing. Rote memorizing isn't reviewing. Reviewing is re-committing the mental linkages to memory. In Rote Memory, there are no linkages, just repetition. And it is the least effective form of learning. If you do learn something by simply repeating it over and over, you've probably really accidentally added some built-in reminders or meaning to make it easier to recall. "Only a dope learns just by rote."

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