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Memory Magic Course Week 16 - Think Like a Child

'What's the big deal with substitute images?

Isn't it kind of juvenile?

You might be wondering this.

So, let me clarify:

Your memory works best with visual images. 'Seeing is... understanding.'

When we were children growing up and learning every day, we had great imaginations. We were expanding our minds each time we learned and imagined.

Once we leave formal education behind, we also leave behind the need to imagine and think hard, sometimes.

So, creating a silly picture (a substitute image) in your mind may remind you of your youth. But it isn't childish.

People admire someone with a good memory.

Last week, I was at a networking meeting as a guest. I instantly became the topic of discussion when I did (for me) a simple memory demonstration:

After everyone had introduced themselves, I recited the first and last names and the companies of each of the 15 business people in the room.

They were all impressed.

Do you think anyone thought what I did was juvenile?

This is a skill which can have great results in your profession.

So, use your mind and create whatever images and silly pictures you need to get the job done: remembering.

No one will ever know what crazy images you're making in your mind.

All they'll know is you are The Person Who Remembers!

Next Issue: Substitute Names Examples

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