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Memory Magic Course Week 15 - Substitute Images

Hopefully you've been practicing remembering the names of people you meet.

I hope you're having success with it. Keep trying!

One of the important parts of remembering is to convert a name into a substitute image.

For example, it may be difficult to imagine the name Fred Harris, but it would be easy to imagine 'Red Hairs', wouldn't it?

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says 'Imagine World Peace'? I saw a great spoof that read 'Imagine Hurled Peas'!!

It's a good joke, and a good example of Substitute Images.

You see, you can create substitute word images for ANYTHING you want to remember: Names, Agendas, Products, Lists, Speeches, etc.

The PURPOSE of converting something to a Substitute Word Image is to make it easier to remember. You will convert something ABSTRACT into something VISUAL.

Objects are easy to remember because they can be visualized. But concepts are more difficult to remember.

So here's an example to get you started:

How would you remember the word 'Relegate'? It means 'To transfer' or 'To downgrade in importance.'

Convert the syllables in the word to other images. It sort of sounds like 'Roll a Gate.' Now that's something that can be pictured. In fact, that might be a good image because one of the definitions is 'to transfer.'

If you're having trouble creating an image of a word, then say it slowly. You don't need to include every syllable in the new image- just enough to remind you.

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