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Memory Magic Course Week 14 - Review vs Rote Learning

Keep practicing and applying your memory techniques. When you meet someone, immediately convert their name into a substitute image, and connect it to a glaring facial characteristic.


Everyone hates Rote Learning: Repeating a lesson over and over until it just sticks in your mind through sheer brute force.

It's not a fun way to learn. And it is also the LEAST EFFECTIVE method of learning; meaning it will take you many, many repetitions if this is the only method you use.

But, for many students, this is the only way they are taught to learn. Students go to school and are given lessons to learn, but rarely are they taught HOW to learn it. So, they just read and review and recite over and over.

"Unlike ROTE learning, REVIEW of memory cues and other mnemonic devices is fun, and much easier.

And, most importantly, it is also much more efficient. It is efficient because it doesn't take dozens of repetitions to learn something.

Part of the reason mnemonic techniques are more efficient is that your mind has created the built-in reminders or memory cues. In other words, you've not only reviewed the material you want to learn, but you've also created the method to remember it. You've built the road to the destination.

As discussed in the last issue,  Mental Review is still required even when using mnemonic methods. But now it is more efficient (it takes less time) and more effective (better results.)

And you can do a Mental Review any time you have a few minutes.

For example, if you go to a meeting and you meet some new people whom you want to remember, then, as you're traveling back home, you could review the faces of the people in your mind and remind yourself of the Mental Connections you've made between their name and facial characteristics.

It just takes a little discipline and practice.

You'll see results in your life. You'll become known as The Person Who Remembers.

Best wishes!

Next Issue: Substitute Images for anything

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