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Memory Magic Course Week 13 -  Mental Review


You've learned a lot in these last 12 issues.

So, no new technique for this issue. Instead, this is a discussion of the need for Mental Review.Y

ou see, some people mistakenly assume that if you learn and apply these memory techniques, then you'll get some type of Photographic Memory.

Or they think someone who uses these methods should NEVER FORGET anything.

That simply isn't true.

And, even when you use these techniques, you still need to REVIEW.

When I'm introduced to many new people at once, I try to take a moment to review as many names as I can. I look around the room, and silently repeat the name of each person I've met.

When I memorized Pi to the 400th decimal place, it only took me a couple of hours to initially learn all 400 numbers. But since that time, I've done mental reviews to insure that I retain the information.

Even when you use these techniques, you'll still need to REVIEW.

It's just that now your review will be more effective. The memory cues will help you to recall the information more consistently.

Next week: Review vs Rote Learning

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