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Memory Magic Course Week 12 -  Name Recognition - The MAIN METHOD - Step 3: Link!

You can remember the names of people you just met!

You've got to believe it and keep practicing!


Step 1 is LOOK and select a striking characteristic.

Step 2 is LISTEN and convert the person's name into a 'substitute name image'.

Step 3 is LINK THE Substitute Name Image to the Facial Characteristic.

How do you 'Link' them?

In Issue 2 I explained that connecting a Name to a Face is known as a Paired Associate. You know the face, and you want to link it to something you want to learn.

Issue 5 discussed 'Crazy Pictures'. That's how you link a Substitute Name to a Face.

Step 1: Look!

Let's say you meet a man who has many freckles on his face.

Step 2: Listen!

His name is Tim. I use the Substitute Image 'Tin' for Tim. Tin could represent a tin can, or a pie tin, or whatever it means to you. But it should create a picture in your mind. (I know there really aren't TIN cans anymore, but for me, it creates a memory cue.)

Step 3: Link!

Now imagine this man opening a Tin Can filled with Freckles. The Freckles are dumped out onto his face. You have to really see the image. If you create a clear image in your mind, then you won't be able to forget his name.

This is what I mean about Crazy Pictures. Imagine a story between the striking characteristic and the name.

This needs to become a habit.

When you meet someone,

LOOK at them to select some obvious characteristic.

Then LISTEN so you can convert their name into a substitute image.

Then LINK them together using a crazy picture story.

I know it sounds crazy. But it works. I do it all the time. And you can too.

You can be known as The Person Who Remembers.

Next week: Mental Review"Get INFO about the MAGIC of MEMORY at MemoryMagic.info."