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Bob Miller

You can remember everyone in the room!

Your next prospect or customer could be the next person you meet. What is the lifetime value for one customer? How can you make an INSTANT connection? Their name is the key to the door of the business relationhip. What can make them remember you? When you remember them!

Imagine you're at a social or business event and you've met 30, 50, or even 80 people who are all potential prospects. For most people, it would be impossible to remember their names. Can you see what an advantage you'd have if you could recall their names?

I know you can do it because I can. I have an average memory., but I've literally recalled the names of up to 100 people at an event. You can too just by using my simple 3-Step process.

  • Look!

  • Listen!

  • LInk!

  • I guarantee your memory will be improved! And you can try it for free with the email course.

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    See what other customers are saying about Bob Miller's Memory Magic 

    "- I was hoping to improve my ability to recall names of people I just met. I ended up getting some tricks for that but also some helpful tricks to remember things in general."

    Attendee at Workshop in Michigan

    "- Several years ago, I was too busy to take several days to learn all the lines for a play that I was in. I had several parts and continued to mess them up. I even had lines written on my hand during the play. Well, that didn't work for the director!

    I asked my friend Bob to help me. Bob taught me an easy mnemonic technique that I used to recall lines in that first play and every play after that. The system was so easy and soon I was using the technique to rapidly recite every word perfectly. I learned the entire series of scenes within one day with rapid recall under pressure. His program really works. "

    Doug H

    "- Yes, the workshop met my expectations: hoping to literally get tools on how I could ditch the paper when speaking"

    MN Workshop Attendee

    Here's a Sneak Peek 

    See what's inside the course...

      Week 1: Mindset

    • Memory is a learned skill. Like any skill it can be developed.

    • Your belief in your ability will determine the outcome.

      Week 2: Mnemonics Intro

    • "Anything can remind you of anything-- as long as there's an association.

    • What is a Paired Association?

      Week 3: Linked Lists

    • What is a Linked List and what are the benefits and limitations of this method?

      Week 4: The Journey Method

    • Why is this method so easy?

    • How  can you use it to give speeches with no notes?

      Week 5: Tips to make linking easier

    • Extra-ordinary memory power starts with extra-ordinary associations

    • Different ways to make linking images more memorable

    Consider Possible Results...

    Do you want to be known as the person who cares for your customers?

  • Remembering demonstrates care and interest in your clients.  People will work with people they trust.

  • Imagine giving a speech, apparently impromptu, with no notes, demonstrating an extreme knowledge of your material and message.

  • Imagine meeting a prospect after the first introduction and recalling names and facts...

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